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Soft White Wheat

  • Soft White Wheat is grown primarily in the Pacific Northwest.  Soft White provides excellent end-use characteristics for cakes, cookies, and crackers products, to name a few. The bright white flour color offers the final product aesthetics preferred by many of our customers.
  • Western White is a blend of Soft White Wheat and Club Wheat. Japan and Thailand are the primary customers for this blend.
  • Club Wheat provides a weaker gluten product to blend with Soft White Wheat to obtain the end-use characteristics for many products preferred in the Asian market.

Hard Red Winter Wheat (Organic Available)

  • CGI originates the majority of its Hard Red Winter Wheat from Montana. The excellent quality and end-use baking characteristics make it a desired ingredient in our customers' noodles and bread.

Hard Red Spring Wheat (Organic Available)

  • Hard Red Spring Wheat, A.K.A. Dark Northern Spring Wheat is grown mostly in the northern tier of the U.S., primarily in Montana and North Dakota. Our footprint is well suited to originate this high-quality product grown by our producer partners.
  • The excellent protein levels and gluten strength inherent to this class are in high demand around the world. It is used not only on its own for high-quality bread and frozen dough products but for blending up lower quality wheat around the world.

Durum (Organic Available)

  • We source our durum from the primary growing areas located in Montana and North Dakota. Its typical high protein and strong gluten strength are desired traits for producing quality pasta products both domestically and around the world.