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"CGI focuses on the farm and has a real commitment to our community. Thank you for helping to grow our industry and opening global marketing opportunities. It is an exciting time to be a part of the growing pulse industry, and CGI is a region leader.”

"Producers really appreciate how hard we’ve been working here in the triangle on building relationships. We are working on bringing producers closer to Columbia Grain by being honest, working hard, and having options to move product in a timely manner. Having our agronomy department up and running is really helping to provide a full package deal to farmers/producers.”

"CGI is a well-capitalized multinational company that I can count on to honor their contracts and make payment for the commodity delivered. CGI services customers of all sizes. They can make markets, and when Mother Nature deals a difficult hand, CGI has the keen ability to find the ideal home for my product.”

"I admire the honesty and integrity of the people I work with there. I always feel comfortable dropping my grain off at CGI, knowing that I am going to get a fair price when I am ready to market my crop.”

"One thing I hear over and over is a sense of security the farmers feel when working with CGI. They do not worry about getting paid with us, we have their trust.”

We have a strong presence in the grain industry, led by an experienced management team.


Columbia Grain International (CGI) is the leading supplier of bulk grain, pulses, edible beans, oilseeds, both conventional and organic, worldwide. Our supply chain network has evolved over the decades to encompass over 8,000 farmers, spanning the northern tier of the United States. Through the consistent sales of crops, education, support, and our trusted, long-term relationships, we bring our farmers’ locally-grown foods to the top manufacturers in the world to meet a growing consumer demand. We have extensive experience in contract execution and successfully navigating decades of changing market conditions across the globe. Our knowledgeable employees have years of market experience and have built relationships that help us decipher how the food supply chain should be operating daily. From the ground up, from the fields, to feeding friends and families around the world.


Columbia Grain International is a majority owner of Montana Specialty Mills, which operates an organic and non-GMO oilseed crushing facility in Great Falls, Montana, and a mustard seed facility in Conrad, Montana, and Montana Craft Malt, in Butte, MT. We continue to explore opportunities to partner with Ag businesses that align with our values and goals of “Cultivating Growth.”

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to safely cultivate high-quality ingredients from our local farmers that nourish the world.


Vision Statement

To cultivate trusted and innovative ingredients that nourish life from our local farmers to the world.


At Columbia Grain International, we work daily to elevate our supply chain to become our value chain, treating each member of our global community with integrity, care, trust, and honesty. We support innovation. We stay connected because our success helps ensure the world will have proper nutrition to live life fully. We provide our bulk pulses to developing countries. We work with food banks. We believe in nurturing the growth of our local communities and supporting our youth through sponsorship opportunities, including high schools and the Future Farmers of America organization. We are honored to help. Our next project may be in your community. Please submit support requests here.