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Pulses and Edible Beans

Naturally non-GMO and good for the planet. Pulses and beans add nitrogen to the soil, which helps improve soil conditions for the next crop.

Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans (Organic Available)

  • One of the earliest cultivated legumes in history with evidence that humans have been cultivating chickpeas before they could make the pots to cook them in.
  • Chickpeas are native to the Middle East, but are propagated in several U.S. regions, including Montana, Idaho, and Washington.
  • Versatile chickpeas can be used in stews and curries, hummus and salads, as well as in snacks and baked goods.

Pinto Beans

  • Grown in several states, pinto beans are produced in North Dakota, Nebraska, and Minnesota. Pinto beans are the most popular dry bean in the U.S.
  • Reconstituted or canned in many dishes, the pinto bean is equally adept refried.

Black Beans

  • Native to the Americas, but known the world over and sometimes referred to as Black Turtle Beans.
  • The black bean has a dense meaty texture and popular in vegetarian dishes, Latin cuisines, and is often used in Mexican-American, South American, Cajun and Creole cuisines.

Great Northern Beans

  • Often interchangeable with navy and other white beans, Great Northern Beans have a delicate, nutty flavor that lends itself easily to soups, stews, casseroles, baked beans, and other bean-based dishes.
  • Great Northern Beans are believed by some to have origins traceable to South America.

Navy Beans

  • The navy bean, also known as the pea bean, or “white pea bean” originates in the Americas and its ancestors can be found in Peru.
  • The navy bean is smaller than many other types of white bean and most often found in baked beans, stews and soups.
  • Navy beans are the second most popular bean in the U.S.

Dark Red Kidney Beans

  • Kidney beans are a robust bean with a full-bodied flavor and soft texture often used in chili, soups, and salads.
  • Native to Mexico, kidney beans are very popular in Mexican, Brazilian and Chinese dishes, but are quite common in the U.S.

Small Red Beans

  • Smaller than the pinto or kidney bean, the small red bean, also sometimes called the Mexican Red Bean, holds its shape and firmness when cooked.
  • Small Red Beans are most often used in soups, salads, chilis, and Creole dishes.
  • Nearly all of the U.S. crop is grown in Idaho and Washington.