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Extra Small Red Lentils

  • Colorful, small-sized lentils have a dark pinkish-brown skin that covers a red seed.

Pardina Lentils

  • While originally from Spain, over 90 percent of the world's production now comes from the U.S.’s Palouse region.
  • Not to be confused with your average lentils; sometimes called Spanish brown lentils, their flavor is slightly nutty.
  • Pardina lentils retain their shape while cooking better than some other varieties.

Small Green Lentils (Organic Available)

  • Tan to green seed coat, yellow cotyledon; these small lentils are often exported and enjoyed worldwide.
  • Lentils are considered a staple in the diet of peoples of Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India.

Small Red Lentils

  • The lentil is a legume that grows in pods containing one or two lentil seeds.
  • These lentils are believed to have originated in Central Asia.

Medium Green Lentils

  • Green lentils are the most popular lentil in the U.S. because of their shape and quick-cooking times.
  • Scientists have found evidence of lentil cultivation dating back 8,000 years throughout the Middle East.

Large Green Lentils (Organic Available)

  • Large portly shape with a bright green color.
  • Most economical lentil and a staple food for many South Asian cultures.
  • High in fiber, protein, and complex carbohydrates, while low in fat and calories.