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No one can say it better than our farmers and producers. Please take a few moments to share your experience with Columbia Grain. Simply fill out this form and send it our way. We’d love to hear from you!

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CGI focuses on the farm and has a real commitment to our community. Thank you for helping to grow our industry and opening global marketing opportunities. It is an exciting time to be a part of the growing pulse industry, and CGI is a region leader.”

Blake Rasmussen

Farmer: Blake Rasmussen
Farm: Rasmussen Farm
Location: Plentywood, MT
Commodities Grown: Durum, Lentils, Chickpeas

Blake Rasmussen of Rasmussen Farms in Plentywood, Montana, has been a CGI customer for his entire farming career. He values their facilities, service, and pricing, and their straightforward business and fair quality assessments. CGI always has an open door!

CGI is a well-capitalized multinational company that I can count on to honor their contracts and make payment for the commodity delivered. CGI services customers of all sizes. They can make markets, and when Mother Nature deals a difficult hand, CGI has the keen ability to find the ideal home for my product.”

Gordon Stoner

Farmer: Gordon Stoner
Farm: Stoner Farms
Location: Outlook, MT
Commodities Grown: Durum, Peas, Lentils, Flax, Corn

Gordon Stoner of Stoner Farms in Outlook, Montana has been a CGI customer for over 20 years. Stoner says CGI is in the market virtually every day, allowing him to market his crop whenever necessary. This is a big plus in the pulse industry when it’s not unusual for buyers to go “no bid.” “CGI had the willingness to have faith and invest in a community. When I first started growing pulses, I lived in a truck and spent a great deal on freight. The economics of pulses said I should be devoting more acreage to them, but delivery was a challenge. The year CGI made its initial investment in Plentywood, half my acreage went to pulses, and I never looked back. The willingness of local managers to reach out when they feel a market break is on the horizon or when they think there may still be some go in the market exceeds my expectations.”

I admire the honesty and integrity of the people I work with there. I always feel comfortable dropping my grain off at CGI, knowing that I am going to get a fair price when I am ready to market my crop.”

Martin Poxleitner

Farmer: Martin Poxleitner
Farm: Poxleitner Farms
Location: Grangeville, ID
Commodities Grown: SWW, HRW, DNS, Canola, Pardina Lentils

Martin Poxleitner of Poxleitner Farms in Grangeville, Idaho has worked with CGI for eight years. He says the most significant value CGI brings to his operation is seed variety options and recommendations. He appreciates the business relations he has with longstanding CGI employees, and the pulse offerings with competitive prices. “CGI has been able to provide quality seed that is cleaned and treated locally when the market is limited,” says Poxleitner. “I would recommend CGI to a friend or neighbor because they are a very stable business. I know that when I deliver grain to CGI that I am going to get honest grades and quick payment.”

One thing I hear over and over is a sense of security the farmers feel when working with CGI. They do not worry about getting paid with us, we have their trust.”

Heather G.

Producers really appreciate how hard we’ve been working here in the triangle on building relationships. We are working on bringing producers closer to Columbia Grain by being honest, working hard, and having options to move product in a timely manner. Having our agronomy department up and running is really helping to provide a full package deal to farmers/producers.”

Edward “Eric” E.