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  • In the U.S., soybeans are grown primarily in the Midwest, with the top producing states being Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota.
  • Primary use is for crush. The co-products are used for animal feed (soybean meal & soybean hulls) and industrial and human consumption (soybean oil, soybean protein).
  • Soybeans are grown in the U.S., Brazil, Argentina, and China.

Brown Flax (Organic Available)

  • In the US, brown flax is primarily grown in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana.
  • Brown flax is grown for both milling and crush markets, where its coproducts (ground/milled flax, linseed meal, linseed oil) are used for industrial, human, and animal consumption.
  • Flaxseed is grown across the world, with major producers including Canada, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

Golden Flax (Organic Available)

  • Golden flax, also known as yellow flax, is grown in the same regions as brown flax.
  • Golden flax has historically attracted a premium (although not always) to brown flax for its unique color. Golden flax traditionally winds up in whole flaxseed or milled flaxseed markets for human consumption, but can also access the same markets as brown flax.


  • In the US, canola is primarily grown in North Dakota, Montana, and Washington.
  • Canola is grown primarily for crush. Canola‚Äôs co-products are used for animal feed (canola meal) and human and industrial consumption (canola oil).
  • Canola is also grown in Canada, China, and the EU.

Non-GMO Canola (Organic Available)

  • Non-GMO Canola is a canola without genetic modification. It is grown in the same regions as conventional (or GMO) canola.
  • Non-GMO Canola typically attracts a premium due to crushers' ability to market its co-products into non-GMO markets (such as edible non-GMO canola oil).

Mustard (Organic Available)

  • In the U.S., mustard (brown and yellow) is grown primarily in North Dakota and Montana.
  • All three varieties of mustard are typically destined for human consumption markets.
  • Mustard is also grown in Canada, Ukraine, and the EU.