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Feed Grains & Cover Crops

Yellow Corn (Organic Available)

  • Grown primarily in the Midwest, with the top-producing states being Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska.
  • Uses are for biofuels (ethanol & biodiesel), animal feed, and industrial and human consumption value-added products.
  • Corn is grown across the world in many different growing regions, including the US, China, Brazil, and the EU.

Feed Barley (Organic Available)

  • Our producer partners' high-quality product is in high demand in feed channels both in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Montana is the main supplier for Canadian buyers, and our PNW producers can help that supply chain when demand is high.

Austrian Winter Peas

  • The Austrian Winter Pea is considered a cool-season annual legume.
  • The stems are hollow and slender, leaves are fleshy pale green, and the plant's tops offer branched delicate tendrils.
  • Grows virtually anywhere within the continental United States and parts of Canada. Can withstand very cold conditions in various soils.