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Cash Bids

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All Washington/Idaho Cash Bids

Contact Information

Grangeville, ID

Manager: Brandon Rehder

1010 Hill Street
Grangeville, ID. 83530

Phone: 208-983-0540
Fax: 208-983-2190

Craigmont, ID

Manager: Stacey Lorentz
Mgr. Trainee: Mitchell Scott

N 121 Division Ave.
Craigmont, ID. 83523

Phone: 208-924-5911
Fax: 208-924-5785

Pullman, WA

Manager: Lane Hannas
Buyer: Quinten Docken

20601 SR 195
Pullman, WA. 99163

Phone: 509-332-1000
Fax: 541-332-3831

Wilma, WA

Buyer: Amanda Beale
Buyer: Keegan Gibbs

2051 Wilma Drive
Clarkston, Wa. 99403

Phone: 509-758-1000
Fax: 509-758-5601


Cash Bids

All Cash bids are subject to change without notice, quotes below will have a 15 minute delay.Please call to confirm pricing.