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Columbia Grain doesn’t just sell the highest-quality certified and conditioned seeds, we forge long-term partnerships that provide end-to-end crop health support. Our expert team comprises top-tier third-party breeders, experienced certified crop advisors, and brokers who guide growers through the right seed selection for this year’s conditions and market outlook. Through the innovative seed program Columbia Grain is cultivating growth for all crop stakeholders.


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Chet Wolery
Heather Ghekiere


3365 Whitlash Rd.
Chester, MT 59522

DekalbVariety Information

DKC 28-25

VTDoublePRO corn with a very good agronomic package and excellent root and stalk strength. It has a good harvest appearance with quick dry down and good test weight. This variety has a strong disease package with protection against northern corn leaf blight, anthracnose, and Goss’s wilt.

Maturity : 78
Drought Tolerance : Excellent


DKC 29-89

VTDoublePRO corn with strong standability provided by very good stalks, roots, and greensnap tolerance. It has early flowering and good dry down provided by early maturity. It’s strong foliar disease package allows planting in most environments.

Maturity : 79
Drought Tolerance : Excellent


DKC 31-85

VTDoublePro corn with impressive yield potential and good standability for the maturity. This variety also has the potential to be used for silage. It is shown to have potential to perform well in drought conditions and has broad adaptability east to west.

Maturity : 81
Drought Tolerance :


DKC 32-35

VTDoublePro corn that brings incredible yield potential and a strong disease tolerance package. It’s very good emergence and seedling vigor enables early planting for this variety. It had a medium plant stature that has shown good stress tolerance.

Maturity : 82


DKC 33-37

VTDoublePro corn that can be planted at a wide range of yield levels due to its flexible yield potential. It has very good Goss’s wilt tolerance but below average northern corn leaf blight tolerance. Its very good stalk strength can help adjust for a later harvest window.

Maturity : 83


DKC 35-88

VTDoublePro corn that is broadly adapted with strong performance across yield levels. It has very good drought tolerance and is an excellent option for fields with variable yield environments.

Maturity : 85


DKC 36-48

VTDoublePro corn with a very good overall foliar disease package. Its flexible yield potential allows for a lower planting population.

Maturity : 86


DKC 36-86

VTDoublePro corn with excellent yield potential with good stalk and root strength. This corn has good overall agronomics and potential for silage.

Maturity : 86


DKC 39-55

VTDoublePro corn that broadly adapted across environments. It has medium stature with excellent stalk strength and a good foliar disease package. It is suited for early plating due to its excellent emergence and seedling vigor.

Maturity : 89


DKC 41-55

VTDoublePro corn with stable yield and good performance across environments. It has very good drought tolerance and a solid disease package.

Maturity : 91