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RUBISCO High yield potential Excellent winter hardiness Early maturity Good standability Responsive to fungicides in humid environments Good Blackleg resistance High germination and purity Medium height High oil content Adaptable to wide row production


RUBISCO Vigorous fall growth above and below ground High yield potential with Early Maturity Prostrate Crown development for excellent winter hardiness Medium Height and Excellent Standability Excellent resistance to Blackleg, Stem Canker, Light Leaf Spot and Verticillium wilt Very High oil content and excellent test weight High germination and purity rate


RUBISCO Vigorous fall growth, strong deep tap root Superior yield potential for high yielding environments, higher rainfall areas /irrigation Early Maturity and Resistance to lodging Very High oil content High germination and purity rate Excellent Resistance to disease and pod shattering Two gene Clearfield hybrid, ideal for re-cropping following Clearfield Wheat or pulse crops Strong cross tolerance to Immy/SU herbicides


Amanda is a near-homozygous winter rapeseed cultivar with canola-quality seed oil and canola- quality seed meal, selected for high adaptability to the dryland and irrigated regions of the inland Pacific Northwest (Idaho, Washington, and Oregon). Amanda is most similar in plant appearance to the cultivar Athena, but with lower leaves having greater attachment than those of Athena.

930W (GMO)

STAR SPECIALTY Offering among the best winter hardiness and survival in the industry – can be grown further north in Kansas and Nebraska. This variety has delivered excellent yield performance across the winter canola growing regions in university trials the past two years. The Roundup Ready only herbicide trait package is also included in this variety.