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LSV Vibrance T P/B CB 0.75 Cruiser

Vibrance Active Ingredient: Sedexane (7) Benefits: Controls seedling diseases caused by Rhizoctonia such as seed decay, seeding blight, and damping off. Maxim Active Ingredient: Fludioxinil (12) Benefits: Protects against seed-borne and soil borne pathogens (Fusarium, Rhizoctonia) that cause seed decay, damping off, and seedling blight. Trebuset Active Ingredient: Pydiflumetofen (7) Benefits: Trebuset protects against seed borne Ascochyta blight, black root rot, and Fusarium root rot. Apron XL Active Ingredient: Mefenoxam (4) Benefits: Systemic fungicide that protects against systemic downy mildews and pythium damping-off.

Cruiser 5 FS

Active Ingredient: Thiamethoxam Benefits: Proven to increase plant stands and vigor. Cruiser is a systemic insecticide seed treatment that protects against aphids, pea leaf weevil, wireworm, etc. Re4commended use with a fungicide seed treatment.

ATP Precede Rhizo

Analysis: Potash 0.5%, Nickel 0.01%, Sea Kelp Extract 17.13%, Polymeric Polyhydroxy Acid 0.18% Benefits: A nutrient dense seed coating to help cold-start pulse crops. This is a rhizobium friendly formulation that helps drive root development, nodulation, and nitrogen fixation.

Moly Liquid

Analysis: Molybdenum 10% Benefits: Helps speed up the absorption of protective seed treatments to improve protection against major seedling diseases and insect pests. Moly Liquid is most effective in soils with a pH below 7.0.