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No Barrier Accumulators are typically used when the Futures price of a cash contract are “high” and you think the Futures prices will begin to trade lower allowing you to lock in a premium to the initial Futures prices on a set amount of bushels giving you a floor on your Futures price.

A No Barrier Accumulator allows you, the producer, to create a Hedge-to-Arrive contract slightly different than the traditional method of creating a Hedge-to-Arrive contract. YOU determine the MINIMUM* bushel amount you would like to sell over a pricing time period that YOU define. Once you select the bushel amount and time pricing period, we will generate a premium you will receive over what you could create with a traditional Hedge-to-Arrive for a specific minimum bushel amount.

Structured Marketing Tools can be highly customizable with varying premiums that are determined from the inputs that you create – giving you an optimal risk/reward return on your sales. A No Barrier Accumulator will create a Hedge-To-Arrive contract that will be priced evenly every day over a time window that you select – giving you the ultimate premium to the initial futures markets. Be sure to give your local Columbia Grain Merchandiser a call to go over all the potential premium products that we can offer.


This material should be construed as examples of potential uses of marketing tools offered through Columbia Grain and not as trading advice – marketing grain involves substantial risk; you should fully understand that risk before contracting your grain in any marketing tool provided through Columbia Grain – Columbia Grain reserves all rights under the NGFA. *Double up Feature on Accumulator contracts can be calculated on a daily basis or on the final day of the contracting time frame established. Minimum bushel amounts can potentially double in quantity – you should fully understand the potential double up risk prior to using structured accumulator contracting options. Please consult with your local CGI merchandiser on cost associated with this contracting option.