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Columbia Grain is here to help you cultivate greater returns. Our extensive expertise in contract execution is backed by over 40 years of experience, helping producers like you to navigate changing market conditions around the world.


Columbia Grain Producer Solutions marketing tools fall into one of two categories – Traditional Marketing Tools and Structured Marketing Tools.


  • CashContracts
  • Hedge-To-ArriveContracts
  • BasisContracts
  • MinimumPriceContracts


  • NoBarrier(Accumulator)
  • NoKnock-OutwithFloor
  • Knock-OutAccumulator with Parachute
  • Knock-OutAccumulator

Columbia Grain International has spent 40 years cultivating trusted relationships with our producers. We understand that there are numerous ways you can sell your commodities, and some can be extremely complex. Columbia Grain Producer Solutions saves you time and enhances your marketing plan with expert consultancy and proven systems. It’s built for growers who want to improve their marketing profitability and organization to cultivate greater returns. We are your business partner; looking out for all of your marketing needs to ensure no opportunities are lost. We understand that everyone has a slightly different cost of production, just as everyone will have a slightly different appetite for potential risk. We begin with understanding your cost of production and then creating a marketing plan, utilizing a mix of tools to help cultivate a rate of return that you desire.

Let our marketing specialists at your local CGI facility simplify your marketing plan and the emotional decision making that is inherent when you sell your crops. We are here to support you with the best pricing tools and year round support designed around your individual farming operation.


We offer the ability to place Good ‘Til Cancelled orders on all of our marketing tools contracts - Orders for over the current market prices AND orders for under the current market prices (used when you want an “Escape Plan” if the markets fall to a level that you want to maintain a floor against).