Portland Terminal 5 is one of the most automated and integrated export grain facilities in the world.

Quick turnaround and safe, efficient operations are the focus of our Terminal 5 facility. Located on 40 acres (16 hectare) site near the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, it is the cornerstone of our operation.

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Continued Expansion – From 1981 through 1983 we undertook a major expansion of our Terminal 5 operations, including increasing storage capacity from 1.5 to 4.0 million bushels, adding an additional rail unload facility, adding two additional shipping bins and constructing a new office/control center.

Automation Updates – In 1992 we completed a major re-automation program at Terminal 5, making it one of the most advanced export grain facilities in the world. Capabilities include remote control and monitoring of transport systems and storage bins, plus video monitoring of key areas for increased efficiency.

Grain Cleaning – In recent years our customers have requested cleaner grain, and we have responded. In 1997 we completed a high speed cleaning facility adjacent to our Terminal 5 storage elevators. These allow us to clean grain to any customer specifications, giving Pacific Northwest producers competitive access to any market in the world.

Customer Benefits – The benefits of our state of the art facility to customers are clear: advanced cleaning, blending and testing; loading of the largest grain shipments quickly with quality product; and prompt, accurate transaction information.


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