A leader in Pacific Northwest grain markets, focused on customer satisfaction. Columbia Grain, Inc. was formed in 1978 to create a superior source of western grain for domestic and export markets. Our goal has been to develop an advanced grain trading organization, not only in terms of storage and shipping, but also in quality and reliability of our information and products. With customer satisfaction as our goal, we are one of the leaders in marketing Pacific Northwest agriculture products.

Investment – Columbia Grain is not a stranger to investment, whether it is in new technology or in additional facilities, which allow us to provide better customer service. We have expanded and updated our Terminal 5 export facility twice since its construction in 1976. We have also added country facilities near sources of production to enhance our ability to serve export and domestic markets. Our 1,000,000 MT capacity allows for reliable staging for export and domestic sales. We will continue to make investments in infrastructure to meet the demands of our markets.

Transportation - Our reliable transportation network - whether by rail, barge, truck or vessel – is a key to customer satisfaction. We focus not only on quality and quantity, but also on timely delivery.


Columbia Grain
Experienced people with extensive contacts and current market information

Experienced people are the heart of our business. Our merchandising staff accesses worldwide data daily to insure timely information exchange. This includes crop situations, weather, financial data and political changes.This allows our staff to be responsive to individual customer needs.

Experience means our merchants are sensitive to the needs of customers, large and small. Their accurate market analysis and anticipation of trends can provide our customers with marketing advice, resulting in competitive prices and precise execution of contracts. This experience is especially valuable during periods of change and instability in world markets, when we recognize trends and respond rapidly.

Information – Our merchants are in contact with key players in the world grain trade. Informed by our origination contacts, our merchants have the most up to date market information. Their skill and judgment are very important factors to the success of our operation.

Data Processing – Our extensive computer network ties together Columbia Grain sales offices and terminal facilities to control inventory, transportation and accounting. Considering our trading volume and the complexity of today’s modern facilities, an advanced management information system is critical to our performance. We have invested heavily in people, hardware and software to stay current in a quickly changing environment.

System Integration – The key to performance in the highly competitive grain business is efficiency: putting it all together. Columbia Grain has the people, facilities and management systems to
provide this quality service.

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